Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Bettie the bicycle

So far, the real workhorses of the trip have gone unmentioned. Here, we present you with the first of our bike profiles.

Name: Bettie
Age: Bettie is a refined lady, whose age is thus undisclosed. However, she is known to have spent the last two years under Treloar care.

Bettie is by far the most sophisticated member of the cohort. Her reliable, sturdy British character is coupled with a smooth, chic, navy finish, accessorized by a yellow logo design and this season’s must-have, red electrical tape, to add that extra special something, and hold on the break cable...

Bettie has been looking forward to the trip for many months, though confesses a fear of heights- “I’m a road bike really; all this mountaineering isn’t my natural environment. However, I’m going to put my best wheel forward, and am sure that in the capable hands of Gregory, there’s a climber in this old woman yet!”

Words from the rider: “Bettie is a beautiful machine, and deserves to see a world outside of the dusty streets of Sidcup, and a destination more profound than Blackfen. Every rider takes something from their bike; usually, it’s just chain oil, but I’d like to learn from Bettie the art of coping under pressure... 60 PSI, to be precise.”



  1. Never thought of naming my bike!

  2. Bon Voyage, Bettie.

    Allez Bettie.

    Allez Treloars !!!

    [Mac (Mulier Fortis) told me to visit your site.]

  3. Hilarious! What a great piece of writing!

  4. This is good stuff. Enjoyed every bit of carefully chosen eloquent words. God bless...Chidi & Onyinye