Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Today was our big shopping day- a trip to Decathlon, one of those huge, general sports stores that feels a lot like a warehouse. Whilst being no substitute for a proper specialist shop, Decathlon is good for cheap essentials, like the bright yellow cycling jerseys, £7.99, which Mum picked out for 'visibility'. 3 of us, matching yellow jerseys... We'll be visible for miles around. Quelle horreur.
We didn't buy that much, really, as we've got bits of our own kit already, from years of casual and commuter cycling, and many friends have been very generous in lending things out to us. We've steered clear of going above the necessary basics, to minimize weight and avoid the 'all gear, no idea' look. Most exciting buy of the day was a pair of proper cycling shoes, reduced from £35 to £1.19. Only smaller sizes left, so Anna is now going to have to counter having the best gear by carrying the heaviest panniers. Until now, we've not gone anywhere near clipless pedals, but decided to go for it, and get the bargain pair of shoes and the pedals to match. Bit of a risky last minute transition, but we'll keep you posted...

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