Sunday, 4 July 2010

Brutus the Bicycle

Introducing the next member of the fleet, Brutus.

Name: My name is Brutus Derelictus Bicyclitius, commander of the roads of North Yorkshire, General of the Treloar Legions, loyal servant to the true rider, Anna Marielius.
Age: Unknown.

Brutus came to us in the summer of 2009, a savage, untamed beast with a history of hard combat in the London commuting rush. Brutus spent a rehabilitation year on the somewhat quieter streets of York, adapting to a quieter, more genteel pace of life, and developing a lasting, if not unlikely, relationship with a pink bicycle helmet.

Refreshed and renewed, Brutus now feels ready to tackle the challenging journey ahead. Brutus has undergone many changes in preparation for the trip, as his rider explains:
"Really, Brutus has changed so much, almost beyond recognition. So many new parts have been added- Brutus is a rough, tempestuous character, and I have had my worries about how he will interact with the new additions. I've chosen some sunny yellow handlebar tape for Brutus, just to encourage a happy, upbeat mindset, to help him through this difficult time of transition and re-evaluation of self-image. But Brutus is a soldier through and through, and will hold fast when the going gets tough."
Brutus said, "Grhmphrgh."

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  1. Guys! You are heroes. I'll be checking your blog regularly - have you got a camera with you? You should *definitely* interview each other at various stages of your trip.
    Eat ridiculous amounts of chocolate. Dom discovered that the 'Milka' bars are very tasty when sandwiched between loafs of bread.
    We-who-are-going-to-support-your-cycle salute you!

    God bless,