Friday, 9 July 2010

Chalons en Champagne

Hi there, quick update...
Day 3: after Arras, we went on to Peronne, in the Somme region. Beautiful weather, mostly flat riding with some slow hills. Finally found a proper campsite! Lots of washing...

Day 4: From Peronne to Prouilly. We had intended to reach Reims, but only nearby campsite was in Prouilly, so we went for that. Turned out to be nearly i,possible to find. Eventually got there, and a lovely man sorted everything out- gave us a camping spot next to a beautiful lake, and gave us the night's stay for free. Then he turned up 10 mins later with a bottle of cold coke... Amazing!
The day was very warm- 36 degrees in the shade. Had longest day's ride yet- 86 miles, with some big hills. Greg ran over a frog, Joe had a brush with a parked car... interesting day!

Day 5- Today. We cycled into Reims in the morning, beautiful Cathedral. Went on to Chalons en Champagne, and hope to manage another 30k to the only campsite around this eve.

So far, we've done 330 miles, so still on target. A few flatter days coming up too.

General reflections- France is very beautiful, so much countryside, some areas look like they haven't changed for a century or so. Most people have been really helpful, despite our limitations on the language front! We still love l'office de tourisme.

Also, met a woman today doing a walking pilgrimage across France with a cat. And we thought we were mad...

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  1. I expect it was Mac and Sylvester. I see she's taking a break from blogging for a bit.