Tuesday, 20 July 2010

CRASH, BANG, WOLLOP, ooops a lamp post

Greetings from the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate convent in Firenze S. M. Nouvella (Florence).
It is withgreat sadness and pain that i tell you i cannot cycle for 7-10 days you may have guessed the reason why from the title but to make it crystal clear on day 14, I Gregory colided with a lamp post 30 miles from Pavia and 20 miles from Piacenza. Now i was quite clever and managed hit a lamp post very nearby an amazingly hospitable family who insantly drove around the corner when they heard a big "kerlangalang" (as the Italian lady put it!) they called the ambulance and the ambulance came very quickly and started to examine me. I being in alot of pain started to make various jokes and making Anna laugh. The ambulance men took me out to a strecher and got me into the ambulance put a drip in and took some blood.

Joseph said "be nice to the nurses"
to whitch I replied "hello darling"

Very soon I was on my way to hospital with Anna in the ambulace and an ambulance man asking what hurt!
When i got to the hospital there where lots of doctors waiting for me including a surgeon!! and lukily a English speaking Doctor. They ultrasounded my stomache and my lower regions but found that it was mostly ok soon I was sent for x-rays and had 2 on my shoulder and one on my jaw (none of which are broken). after waiting around in corridors i finally got moved to another hospital where i had to stay over night and also see a urologist? again very luckily the on call urologist spoke good English.
finally after the whole noghts proceedings me and anna were to stay at hospital and joe did not have a place to stay for the night we asked nurse where the nearest hotel was and in the end she pulled out a camp bed and we all slept in the hospital!

Next morning we were all given breakfast and then I had to go of to be ultra sounded again this time it took ages but when it was over I was taken back to the room we were in and waited for the results. a nurse came and told me that I was not alowed to cyle for 7-10 days and that I would have to get the train to Rome afterwards I Anna went to the pharmacy and got the medicines I needed while Joe rang the Italian family who had agreed to pick us up.

When we got back to their house Iwe cahnged all our baggage around and all took our nessesary belongings then we were give a lift to the train station (Italian style) and quite soon was on various trains to florence on the way i managed to miss a train and see a man get aressted (beaten through a glass door by Italien police which ended up completly smashed) it was quite a scary experience.

When I got to the station i was met by one of the Brothers, which mum had already organised with Fr Agnellus, we walked to the convent where I was fed and given a room where i slept soundly.

Anna and Joe have carried on the cycle to Rome whilst i have had to stop at 890 miles 1425 kilometers due to injury.

What I found hardest was not only the lamp post, but notbeing able to speak Italian at all!

lots of love
Gregory Treloar

Good Luck Anna and Joseph


  1. Gregory, I've sorted out an optician's appointment for you when you get back! Anyway, the Reeds all decided today over scrambled eggs, that you got pretty far...800 miles !!! We reckon we would've been on a train by 300 miles. Not so sure that my dad would pick you over Joseph to defend him now though :) Hope you're enjoying relaxing and getting the man points for going to hospital x Bethany

  2. Hard luck! But if you're going to hit a lamp-post, Florence isn't a bad place to do it in... In any case, congratulations on getting so far! Jerusalem next year?

  3. Oh no! I hope that you get better quickly. Are you going to take legal action against the lamp-post?

  4. Oh dear..glad you will be OK though!