Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Hello from Arras!

This is going to take a while, keyboards aren`t international apparently...
We`ve just arrived in Arras. First day was Blackfen to Dover, 75 miles, great cycling! Mum drove Celeste and Bethany down to Dover to meet us there. No where to stay, so a few negotiations later, we camped in the local vicar`s garden. Got the 7am ferry to Boulogne, where we got a bit overwhelmed by the big big roads with our tiny tiny scale map, and in short got horrendously lost, almost cycling in a very hilly circle. Rest of the day was pretty hilly, 65 miles in all, and we ended up in the moderately sized town of Pernes... no room at the inn again, so we did some horrendously illegal camping in a farmer`s field. Hid our tent behind a tree and some fences and spent the evening whispering and belly diving whenever a car drove past. Almost went mental. greg`s given up on this blogging session and is napping AGAIN, 5th time today, we`re getting worried...
We left in the morning after cooking porridge- quite a feat given the circumstances we thought. we`re turning into proper explorers. Cycle to Arras was lovely but melting now...
Tonight we`re cycling towards Vendeuil. we like le office de tourisme and they have found campsites for us nearby- this could be necessary, we aint washed, since sunday eve... (anna points out she washed monday morning) but anyway, desperate times...

best things
hills- downwards.
nap time (greg)
religion- we`d be mega lost without church landmarks.
sleeping in in the field, next to mantres, felt so bad...

worst things
hills- upwards.
3 yellow t-shirts means fly party time- they REALLY attract flies.
no one letting us use their loo in arras, probably because we`re like street urchins.
annas map reading out of bologne
joe`s spelling
putting give way signs in the middle of huge hills. decision time- do i dice with death, or pedal the metal from stationary?

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