Saturday, 24 July 2010

The Home Strait

Anna and Joeseph started the day in Bolsena and will be cylcling into Rome Termini were they will pick me up!

they say that the klast few days have been a push andit has been very hot and hilly. they met some lovely dutch people who were also cycling to Rome. if you are reading this Joesph and Anna say "dont take the train keep going"

Two nights ago they met some lovely people in Palia who allowed them to camp in their garden overnight due the lack of campsites in Italy.

My plans for the final strait are to get the train to Rome Termini and cycle the two - three miles tothe vactican which goes past the colliseum along past the big ruins of Rome across the tiber and up the road to Saint peters. Icouldnt ask for a grander entrance!

Gregory Treloar

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