Friday, 23 July 2010

Life at the Monastary!

Over the last few days I have been adapting to monastary life (dont worry mum, you are going to see me again!) as the days have gone on I have been attending more prayer but for some reason I am usually late to either breakfast or lunch once a day, suprising that considering that I am normally the first one to a meal. I am also awake alot more than I was at the beggining of the week witch I think is due to my recovery, thank God!
Mass and Benediction are beautiful partly due to the discreete organ playing but also because of the beautiful surroundings!!
The Church is incredible with many side altars and side chapels there is also the tomb of Sandro Botticelli and the tomb of a person who I was told found america although I didnt find his name. the Church is huge and is decroated all over with paintings if not marble, and at the high altar the you will find that the crucifix is larger than life scale.
Other than that I find that religious life is very contemplative and thoughtful with many jokes at the dinner table thanks to Br G!

Gregory Treloar

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