Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Sorry for the long silence, Rome has been chaotic but fantastic!

We arrived in St Peter's Square on Saturday evening, 6.45pm. The trip took 20 days in total, 19 if you take off our detour round Piacenza hospital!

Some trip stats:
Total distance- 1320.52 miles... about 2113 kilometers
Total time on bike- 106 hours 22 mins... that's 4 and a half days!
Average speed- 12.41 mph
Max speed: 43.35 mph
Punctures- 2 (and a half...) all Joe's bike!

Thanks for all the support, sponsorship and prayers. They really have kept us going. We're all really enjoying our time in Rome, and shall keep you all in our prayers here. We've done tons of sightseeing, Rome is so beautiful! We'll put the pictures up soon.

Love to everyone! 2 days till England... we hear it's raining! Can't wait :-)

Anna, Joe and Greg


  1. Well done Team Treloar! x

  2. Average speed 12.41?! That's what I manage for my commute into York (which for those who don't know, is Flatsville, UK).

    Bravo to all of you!