Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Via Romea Awards Ceremony

Since arriving in Rome, we've split our time between being tourists and pilgrims. We've walked lots, cycled not much, and seen tons of churches, monuments, Roman stuff...
We also all now have a set of NORMAL CLOTHES each, and are avoiding lycra at all costs.
This morning, we had a TV interview and footage session... yeah, that's right :-) The Rome Report turned up with cameras, we donned our gear, and did some slow cycling for the cameras. Bit of an experience! We're not naturals, had a view interview disasters. We think/hope they edit nicely.

Last night, we closed our pilgrim part of the trip with our very own Via Romea Awards Ceremony. Here are the results:

Best bike: Joe says Joe's (Bertie), Greg says Greg's (Bettie), and Anna says Anna's (Brutus)... no joking she's not that deluded. Anna really says Bettie.

Worst bike: Brutus. Anna points out though that whilst everything else broke, the tyres were invincible.

Best bit of kit: Draw between the tent and our folding campfire.

Worst bit of kit: The empty 300 ml single cream pot we carried the entire way. Or the phrasebook.

Best country: Joe= France. Greg= Switzerland. Anna= Italy.

Favourite day of trip: Day 12, Bourg St Pierre to Quincinetto, over the Alps take two.

Toughest day's cycle: Aigle to Bourg St Pierre.

The Dire Straights Day Award: Day 7, from Froncles to the middle of nowhere, rough camping, with just the oreos and crisps.

Favourite church award, St Peter's and Our Lady of the Rosary, Blackfen, excluded: Chiesa S. Maria del Carmine, Pavia.

Best city, Rome excluded: Pavia and Lucca, straight draw.

Best drink: shoot out between cold water, cold milk, and coke.

Best food: Pasta with any sauce, followed by peaches

Best swimming: Bolsena lake

Best view: draw between Montreux and the Swiss-Italian border mountainous region.

Best downhill: from top of Gd St Bernard Pass to Aosta, down the Alps

And the others....

Machine man of trip: Joe

Machine woman of trip: Anna by default.

Entertainment Jukebox of Trip Award: Greg... by default.

Best driver: Anna. Yep.

Worst driver; Joe. Unbelievably, his repeated minor collisions means he overtook Greg and the mash crash in a photo finish.

Yellow Jersey Award: Joe. He wore his for all but 2 hours of biking.

Mr Map award: Joe

Early Bird Award: joint between Anna and Joe... or, everyone but Greg.

Sleeping Beauty Award: Greg.

Pro Cyclist Nation Award: Italy. They had all the gear.

Most Frustrating Continental Habit: The Siesta. Please, it's lunchtime. Someone sell some food...

Epic Language Fail Award: When Anna stood on an Italian's foot and said 'Prego'.

Via Romea Gold Star Award: Electrical tape. You could build a bike from it we think... we nearly did.

That's all, folks. The award winners would like to thank their family, friends, sponsors, pets and paniers. They also want world peace.

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