Wednesday, 21 July 2010

We lik-ke the Lucca

This morning, we made it from Villafranca to Lucca. Beautiful city, in my opinion joint winner with Pavia for prettiest city on the trip so far. The tent is strangely empty, and the road is strangely quiet without Greg. We miss you, Greg! But if you look closely at the photos, Joe still looks exactly like Greg, so you probably won't notice.
We've on the home straight into Rome now- Lucca to Rome is 400km, the minimum distance a pilgrim can cycle to be recognised by an office in Rome somewhere as having travelled the Via Francigena. We're hoping to get halfway between Lucca and Siena tonight, and hopefully still make it in the 20 days, our hospital experience included. A night on the ward was definitely the best and cheapest accommodation so far, but I wouldn't recommend it as a solution to all your travelling needs.
Can't believe we haven't witnessed a major Italian road accident yet. Got weaved round twice and cut up on a single roundabout today, unbelievable. Mysetry hills we hadn't spotted on the map keep cropping up in the hottest part of the day, but the views make it worth it.

'Dove vai?' the Italians say, and we say 'Roma'. It's starting to sound a lot more convincing than when we said the same thing in Canterbury.

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