Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Word from the dynamic duo!

Day 16

Last night they stayed in villafranca in Luigana and they said that the it is really hot! Now I think that it must be really hot because when I was with them we were cycling through 38°celcius and hardly noiticed the heat other than the rate at which we went through water.
They said "we had a nice ride although there were some big hills."


They have run out of sun cream and say "Today we literally turned purple!"

Although suncream is a big issue the biggest problem for them is mosquitos. Although even when I was with them mosquitoes never liked me I still think that an Italian monastary with netted windows is much better prepared for them than a tent. In the hospital Anna was joking about seeing a dermatologist about her mosquito bites (they were great in number) so I think that now she must be covered in them.

Last night they stayed at a cool campsite but say that they are missing the hospital Bed and Breakfast service. Concerning food they are now bored of bread and have moved onto pasta (when we rearanged the baggaage I handed over the kilogram bag of pasta that I had been carrying for two days!)

Anna and Joseph say "Thankyou for the support, there are Via Fracigena sign posts everywhere and we have seen a few walkers"

lots of love and prayers
Anna, Joe and Greg!

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